Razer Dynamic Keys

Razer Dynamic Keys

Until I have had a chance to create some documentation please refer to section 2 of the README file in the download below.

Note: This application is currently pending Razer’s internal testing.

On initial lauch of the application, if you click the “Config” button, this will provide the basic structure of the Razer Menu. There is no limit to how deep your sub menus can go! The only restriction is that there cannot be a Dynamic Key on key 10 (DK10) within a submenu as this key is used to go back to the parent menu.

Feel free to replace any images within the application or to share any RazerMenu configurations in the comments below! We would love any feedback or ideas for future versions/projects!

This application was built using the SharpBlade Framework for C#, an open source wrapper for Razer’s SwitchBlade User Interface.

Would like to thank Brandon Scott for putting up with me while learning the ins and outs of SharpBlade and Timshel Knoll-Miller for all his help and whiteboard skills.


Version (Current)

  • Initial Release