What is Tailor Made Solutions

Tailor Made Solutions (TMS) is a small one man web design company based in Warrnambool, Victoria. My name is Badly Sharpe, I am a programmer who specialises in Web Development. I provide web design, web hosting, programming and consultancy services for local businesses and individuals.

About Bradly Sharpe

I started working with the web early in 2008. I have tried to learn everything there is to know about web technology, from languages such as HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP and many others, to server platforms and programs such as Windows Servers, IIS, Linux, Apache and mySQL. Since then, I have been focused on creating innovative, elegant, and functional designs for the web that push the technologies to their limits.

I have worked with many Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress and Joomla and even created a custom CMS with modules such as PayPal and custom API integration.